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Important Notes: By submitting this application you:

  • Acknowledge that evidence of entitlement to work in New Zealand will be required from both New Zealand citizens and non New Zealanders.  Evidence of entitlement can be by passport, OR New Zealand birth certificate together with photo ID.  Non New Zealanders must have a current working permit.  (see for New Zealand Birth Certificates.

  • Agree to work where and when as directed.

  • Agree to provide your own transport to and from our orchard work sites.

  • Will observe personal hygiene habits consistent with best practice food safety and are not currently suffering from any communicable disease or infection.

  • Declare that this information is true and correct AND 

  • You acknowledge that this completed application does NOT constitute any offer of employment.


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Updated 04 Feb 2015

  Thank you for your interest in working with us.

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