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Application for employment



This Employment Application is for a Fixed Term Basis


Please complete all of the following details-applications are only accepted online for employment between December and May:

First Name     NZ Citizen  
Last Name     Date of Birth  
Street Address     Place of Birth  
City     Country of Birth  
Zip/Postal Code        

Passport Number please if NOT a NZ citizen

E-mail     Passport No  
Contact Phone     NZ Student  

IRD Number(9digit)


Bank A/c (16digit)

Do you suffer skin infections (dermatitis/excema)?   Have you had compensation for any injury?
Have you had back strain or injury?   Have you been dismissed from a previous job?
Do you suffer high blood pressure?   Have you brought a grievance against an employer?
Do you suffer a hearing complaint?   Have you been convicted for theft/drugs?
Do you suffer colour blindness?   Do you use/carry illegal drugs?
Any other medical conditions?   Have you any other convictions?
Can you work for 5 days per week (Feb-May)?   Do you have adequate child minding arrangements?
Contact person (name/tel) in case of illness?  

I hold a current work permit for this employment.


I hold a visitor/student permit for this employment.

My Gender is (IAmA)


I can begin work

Other employment entitlement (specify)

Previous Employer's Name.    

Period Employed.

Previous 24 month employment details.    

Previous Experience


I am applying for a position via

 Transport to Worksite


I have been Vaccinated for Covid19



By submitting this application form you agree to work as directed and declare that you are entitled to be employed in New Zealand.

You acknowledge that the employer has the right to determine your eligibility to work in New Zealand and can require proof to confirm your status.

This completed application does not constitute an offer for employment.

Your further acknowledge that you will observe personal hygiene habits consistent with best practice food safety and that you are not currently suffering from any communicable disease or infection.

Thank you for your interest in working with us.




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www.picknz.co.nz offers jobseekers access to seasonal and full time work opportunities in the horticulture industry. 

For jobseekers, the site provides job descriptions, as well as helpful information on immigration and tax issues

The PickNZ initiative is a collaboration between Hawke's Bay Fruitgrowers Association, New Zealand Fruitgrowers Federation, New Zealand Immigration Service, Hawke's Bay Tourism and Work and Income New Zealand.



New Zealand immigration law requires that the responsibility of determining employment now eligibility rests with the employer.


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