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Shipping and Exporting  are the fourth and fifth of our five fruit production steps. 
shipping 2. vt., put or receive goods aboard ship.

Export 1. vt., Send out to another country.

We deliver our export orders for shipping from any New Zealand Port.

Our cold stores maintain fruit inventories within rigid phytosanitary and cool chain specifications and we can ship to any destination in the world.

Our customers receive our products in refrigerated containers directly to their own distribution warehouses.

Apple pallets loaded from our cold stores into temperature controlled sea containers are our preferred method of export fruit shipping.                     

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GLOBALG.A.P and BRC Certified.

Our Fruit has ULTRALow Residues

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Quality Fruit is the result of attention to every growing detail.  Tree health and nutrition during growing season, crop loading per tree, harvest timing and cool chain control.


Harvest Timing is one cornerstone of fruit quality.  Our fruit is constantly monitored while growing and only harvested within an specific  band  of flesh firmness, sugar content (brix) and starch development parameters.   Multiple picks within the variety harvest bands ensure uniform maturity throughout each variety harvest period.


Cool Chain is a key component of all our fruit production steps.  Fruit begins an accelerated ripening process  once picked from the tree.  Immediately after harvest we  reduce and maintain our fruit pulp temperature to 0.5 degrees Celcius to ensure optimum storage life.

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