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Packing:  is the third of our five production stages.

pack 1. n., Bundle made to be carried by man or beast; bale of goods; commercial method of ~ing for the market.

Harvest is the end of the growing stages but the beginning of the product life.  We have keen eye for detail and aim to bring our fruit into cool chain environment immediately after harvest from the tree. 

Because we are packing fruit grown from only from our own orchards we are able to pack specific customer orders using our exacting standards.

Our packhouse staff are fully accredited as phytosanitary inspectors which allows us to pack product for many different market types using Just in Time inventory management.


GLOBALG.A.P Certified.



Our Fruit has ULTRALow Residues

In This Section:


 MAF Approved Packer

BRC Certification



Dames, J-USA Sampler


Biosecurity New Zealand Plants Export Operator-Operator Accreditation Requirements is a Biosecurity New Zealand framework which provides inspection services for MAF Plants export certification.


British Retail Consortium (BRC):  Originating in the UK this association developed technical standard for suppliers of retail branded food products.  This standard requires adopotion of HACCP, a documented quality management system and control of factory environment, product, process and personnel.

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