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Growing and Harvesting are the first and second parts of our five step production sequence.

grow, 1 vi&t., sprout, come into existence, produce by cultivation.

harvest, 1, vt., reap and gather in.



Our fruit is grown using the Pipfruit New Zealand Inc Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) programme which ensures that our production practices are sustainable and as safe as possible for the environment and human health.  

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) component uses on-orchard monitoring programmes resulting in a required and auditable, justifiable use of a limited range of 'soft' chemicals. These chemicals are also benign to the environment and beneficial to organisms such as predators and parasites. They are also regarded as having very low mammalian toxicities and are therefore safe to use. All materials applied to an orchard, even nutrients, are recorded on a diary that is part of the audit system.

Beginning February of each year we control and precisely manage our harvest for optimum storage life.  

Correct harvest timings ensure that only fruit with the optimum maturity index will be selected for packing. 


GLOBALG.A.P  Certified.

Our Fruit has ULTRALow Residues


Send (IPM) Trap Records



In This Section:


Property Spray Plans

GlobalGap Certification

GrowSafe Operators

Orchard Renewal


Biology naturally controls pests and disease.

[watch pollination at work]

Integrated Fruit Production (IFP)  is a holistic  and continuously improving production programme which integrates natural, biological, cultural and biotechnical methods for growing environmentally friendly safe food.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  monitors natural pest and disease control mechanisims and uses only a limited range of 'soft' chemicals which are benign to the environment and benificial organisms.

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