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Main Varieties

Royal Gala Apple

Royal Gala

Parentage / Origin: Kidd's Orange Red x Golden Delicious; New Zealand, 1934
Harvest / Season: Harvest: February-April
Description: Excellent for fresh eating. A very pretty, medium size, conical to round fruit with yellow skin patterned with bright orange-red. Firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor. Hangs well on tree.
Tree Characteristics: Compact growth habit, prolific bearer. Needs heavy thinning to maintain fruit size and prevent biennial bearing
Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith

Parentage / Origin: Australia (Tasmania) circa 1850.
Harvest / Season: Harvest: April-May
Description: Green, crisp and tart, and an excellent keeper.
Tree Characteristics: Vigorous, productive, highly vegetative.  Sunburns easily and difficult to maintain green fruit colour.
Fuji Apple


Parentage / Origin: Ralls Janet x Delicious; Japan 1962
Harvest / Season: Harvest: March-April
Description: Tall, rectangular, medium size fruit. Yellowish green skin with an orangish red flush and darker stripes. Darker blush on sun side. Crisp, juicy slightly subacid white flesh with outstanding texture.   May require up to 200 days to mature. Good keeper.
Tree Characteristics: Vigorous, productive, somewhat bushy tree. Needs annual detailed pruning.
Braeburn Apple


Parentage / Origin: Open pollinated seedling from Braeburn area Nelson, New Zealand, 1952
Harvest / Season: Harvest: March-May
Description: Fruit is medium to large, red striped with an orange red blush on a yellow background. The flesh is pale, cream colored, crisp and juicy with a pleasant subacid tart flavor. Fruits store for four months.
Tree Characteristics: The fruit hangs well, comes into bearing early and is a heavy producer. Has a tendency toward biennial bearing unless thinned. Trees are nonvigorous and should not be planted on dwarf rootstocks.
This picture shows an ENZA Pacific Rose.  This apple is also marketed as NZ Rose

Pacific Rose

Parentage / Origin: Developed in New Zealand from Gala and Splendour parents this apple was introduced in 1990.
Harvest / Season: Harvest: April-May
Description: Medium to large fruit. Dull pinkish red skin with occasional russet. Firm crisp yellow flesh. Mild but distinctive sweet flavor. Lacks tartness but has crisp texture. Exceptionally long storage life.
Tree Characteristics: Growth habit is spreading
William Bon Cretian Pear

Other Fruits

Varieties: William Bon Cretian, Packham Triumph pears.  Fantasia, Red Gold Nectarines.  Golden Queen Peaches.
Harvest / Season: Harvest: January-March
Description: Pear and stone fruit crops are grown for both cannery and domestic fresh marketing in New Zealand.

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