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Looking out of our window (Winter)


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Te Mata Peak:  The back drop of this view to our East is Havelock Hills and Te Mata Peak.

Te Mata, a giant chief of the warring coastal Maori tribes, was seduced by Hinerakau, beautiful daughter of the inland Heretaunga's tribal chief. To prove his love of Hinerakau, Te Mata began to "bite his way through the hills" to provide easy access between both coastal and inland tribes. Te Mata died before completing the work and his body forms Te Mata Peak from which the beautiful Hinerakau leapt to her own death.


Winter Dormancy (Jun-Aug):  As our fruit trees approach winter dormancy to await the new spring, the sap system begins to store nutrients from the leaves into each fruit bud in readiness for the next crop.  This period is what causes the leaves to turn yellow and then finally drop to the ground.  While the branches on the tree are bare, we prune off the old fruiting wood and allow last season's growth to become  the new fruiting sites.


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