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Location Details

  Orchard Addresses:   


Packhouse and Coolstore:

 229 Havelock Road, Hastings 4122.



Havelock Rd Orchard R1218:

229 Havelock Rd, Hastings 4122.



St Georges Rd Orchard R1219:

223 St Georges Rd North, Hastings.



Lawn Rd Orchard R1220:

65 Lawn Road, Hastings.



Fernhill Orchard R1221:

12 Gordon Street, Fernhill.



Fertile Soils:  Hastings is bounded the the North and East by two large rivers.  The highly fertile (alluvial) soils have been deposited by these rivers in flood as they flow out to sea.  With flat coastal aspects, close proximity to Napier Port and easy access to urban facilities, this area is a major New Zealand horticultural hub.


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