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All Orchards-Hastings Map


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229 Havelock Road, Hastings

View CADamesLtd-Orchards-Havelock in a larger map

R1218     Satellite Image
223 St Georges Road, Hastings

View CADamesLtd-Orchards-Georges in a larger map

R1219     Satellite Image
65 Lawn Road, Mangetere

View CADamesLtd-Orchards-Lawn in a larger map

R1220     Satellite Image
12 Gordon St, Fernhill

View CADamesLtd-Orchards-Fernhill in a larger map

R1221     Satellite Image


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Orchard Maps

Property Spray Plans

EurepGap Certification

GrowSafe Operators

Orchard Renewal



Orchard Maps are an essential management tool used to identify planting and other specific orchard areas.

They are used to manage growing protocols for access to special markets.



Live Camera View.


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